Trade & Economy

The Russian Federation is included in the Top 30 leading import countries worldwide. According to the Dutch Central Statistics Bureau, export volume from The Netherlands to Russian Federation in 2017 is equal to 5.6 billion euros with 29% growth in comparison to the previous year.

Despite the recent geopolitical issues, Russia is one of the most attractive countries for international companies in terms of trading. Knowing the rules of trading is essential for successful business in the Russian market.

Our specialists are qualified to deal with customs, international finance and international law. This allows our clients to easily pass any obstacles they encounter when entering an unknown market.


  • Consulting on the Russian customs legislation and declaration
  • Assistance with certification of the goods
  • Preparation of required documentation for customs clearance


  • Consultation on Russian contract law
  • Assistance during contract negotiations


  • Requestion and writing subsidy applications for (export) subsidies
  • Specifically for companies in Groningen: max €5.000 subsidy for the development of export to Russia (See also: Groninger Entrepreneurs Scheme)